Preschool Opening Guidance COVID

This term will be a little different to normal and we have had to make some changes to ensure everyone is safe.

 Starting back:

If you have previously been at preschool, we would love to welcome you back from Monday 7th September, which is our first day back.

If you are starting with us as a new family, we invite you to join us from Monday 14th September. I will be in touch about which day you will be joining us so we can make sure we can help settle all the children in as smoothly as possible.

If anyone needs a reminder of their sessions, please get in touch.

Opening hours:

Our opening hours are 8.45am-3pm. This runs on two sessions a day from 8.45am-11.45am and 12.15pm-3pm. We need to ensure we are able to do a deep clean each day which is why the afternoon session is finishing at 3pm.  We now run a lunch club from 11.45am-12.15pm.

Staggered entry:

With the extra precautions in place to ensure the highest level of hygiene and safety we will be using a staggered entry system in line with the school.

  • If your child has a sibling arriving at school, we welcome you in to preschool from 8.40am-9am, this should enable you to drop of your Preschool child and their sibling/s at a similar time.
  • If you do not have a child attending the school, we welcome you to join us at 9.10am.
  • For collection for the morning session, we ask you to arrive at 11.40am.
  • For joining us in lunch club we ask you to arrive at 11.45am.
  • For collection after lunch club we ask you to arrive at 12.10pm For arriving for the afternoon session, we ask you to arrive at 12.15pm.
  • At the end of the day, we invite you to start collecting your children at 2.50pm-3pm.
  • We will then have a deep clean each day ready for the next days fun.

We ask that you are on time for dropping off and collection to help us with the new system. There will be posters to allow for social distancing as you arrive.

There will be hand gel available for the children as they come into preschool or they can go to the bathroom to wash their hands if they prefer.

Please do bear with us, we are new to this and are hoping this will work for everyone. After the first week we will review to see how this works and let you know of any changes.


Unfortunately, we are unable to invite any parents into the Preschool at present. This means we will greet you at the door and you will be able to allow your child to join us in Preschool one at a time. We are aware this may be a challenge for some but we have some tricks up our sleeve! 

If you are very concerned about this please get in touch, although I know many other settings are already using this system and it has been successful. We have some fun things to help to children come in to Preschool and start enjoying their time with us.  This will be the same upon leaving, we will ask you to wait outside the Preschool and we will bring your lovely little one back to you.

I am aware this may be an unusual and potentially challenging part of the day, both for our current children and our new children. If we all remain positive and focus on the fun we will all have together, I am confident the children will enjoy this new start to their day.

Bags and comforts:

We are unable to allow bags and other items to be brought in to Preschool. We will therefore be providing nappies, wipes and changes of clothes for now. Children will not be able to bring in any toys. If your child will need a comfort toy while with us, please provide one that can remain at Preschool, although it would be best to avoid bringing one in if at all possible.

Lunch and drinks:

We invite your child to bring in their own water bottle that can be washed each day at home. These will need to clearly labelled. Your child can bring in a packed lunch in a washable/wipeable lunch bag. These will also need to be clearly labeled. If you are unable to label these items we will use a permanent pen to ensure they are clearly named.


We ask that children wear different clothing each day they attend the setting and where possible, shoes are wiped each day if wearing the same pair. You can provide a pair of wellies that can stay at Preschool, again theses must be clearly labelled with your child's name. Please do bring in a labelled coat/jacket/hoodie to ensure they can access outside each day in all weathers. We will be using our outside area much more.

Seeing Preschool:

We are hoping to create a virtual tour of the setting before the start of term and will add this to the Preschool section on the school website. For those starting with us for the first time, I am hoping to arrange some visit sessions next week while we are closed. This will mean you can visit with your child so they can see the fun space they will soon get to explore. Safety measures will be in place. Please let me know if this is something you would like to do and we can arrange a day and time.  We will also upload photos/videos to Tapestry so you can see what the room looks like and the fun your little ones are having.


We will not be able to have the same length of chats at the end of sessions as we did before due to the systems we have to put in place. We will of course let you know of any accidents/incidents or any other important information from the day. If there is something we need to talk with you about we can arrange to move somewhere quiet outside or arrange a separate meeting. Likewise, if you have something you need to talk to us about we can do the same. We will use Tapestry to communicate the days play and learning as well as an information board outside for you to read.

We are looking forward to welcoming you all back and we hope you are looking forward to being back at Preschool too!

Lianne, Preschool Manager

The Department for Education has asked early years providers in England to reopen in September for children of all ages.

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