Purple Band



Purple books will start to have more of the longer sentences and a wider range of challenging vocabulary. Many purple books will start to have shorter chapters to encourage a child’s reading ability. Children will have encountered more of the high frequency words by this level, and teachers will be promoting reading for pleasure.

  • Read silently in their head for longer periods of time 
  • Read longer books with short chapters 
  • Read fiction, non-fiction and poetry 
  • Sound out most unfamiliar words as they read 
  • Use a dictionary to find the meaning of a word 
  • Explain why they think a book is good or not
How to support your child:

Your child is now beginning to read with more independence and their books are getting longer. You can help them by: 

  • Encouraging them to read some pages silently, inside their heads. 
  • Listening to them read some pages aloud, encouraging the use of expression and paying attention to punctuation marks. 
  • Talking about how events in the book relate to each other and helping your child to understand how the story builds up in a longer book. 
  • Asking them to tell you about interesting things they found out and to show you where the information is in the book.