Strategic Responsibilities

The role of our governing board in the wider opening of Meldreth Primary School

Our governing board is responsible for schools at a strategic level but our Headteacher has delegated responsibilities for the day to day operational management of their school.

Our Governing board is aware of the operational decisions being taken by the school, and our risk assessment has been approved by the board and the Local Authority, and that protective measures are in place to reduce risks to children and staff. We are assured that the Headteacher has had regard to DfE’s guidance in their preparation and planning. This includes advice on putting in place protective measures - such as smaller class sizes, and cleaning regimes.

The National Governance Association (NGA) and The Key for School Governors has produced further information, which we will continue to evaluate.

Our Governing board, in discussion with our clerk, is taking a pragmatic approach to handling any urgent business and assessing whether it is reasonable for committee meetings to go ahead.

Meldreth Primary School has a strong, supportive governing body committed to ensuring that the school provides all its pupils with the best education possible. The governing body provides strategic leadership and accountability. Governors meet at least once a term as a full governing body and then additionally for sub-committees and governor training. Link governors and governor teams with specific responsibilities also undertake regular visits to the school to meet with staff and children.
Our three core responsibilities as Governors are: Setting the school’s vision, ethos and strategic direction, engaging with stakeholders, and ensuring statutory duties are met. Holding the Headteacher to account for: the educational performance of the school and it’s pupils; behaviour and safety; and the performance management of the staff. Ensuring financial solvency and probity with effective management of financial resources.