This week's round up - 11th June

This week we have done things slightly different to accommodate the glorious warm weather we have been having! Over this half term, our routine will be adapted according to the weather. On sunny, warm days we will spend all morning in the garden when there is the most shade and will then not go back into the garden until after 2pm for a short period.


This week we have been focussing on settling back in after our half term break, talking about what we have all been up to and what we are looking forward to this half term. We have also been making some All About Me posters for our new display and the children have been amazing at drawing their portraits and telling us something unique about themselves. The Dragonflies did a little bit of baking and cooking this week and the Ladybirds will be enjoying some baking time next week. We have also starting to introduce the Dragonflies to more school based activities as we started to look at and practice putting on school uniform. This afternoon we had a royal tea party in celebration of the Queen’s birthday.


Next week we start our two week inspiration of Being Healthy, starting with a focus on healthy eating and healthy teeth. The children will enjoy making yummy fruit salad, fruit and vegetable printing, cleaning teeth, making a favourite foods chart and turning the home corner in a healthy eating café. For the Dragonflies next week, we will start to transform our outdoor playhouse into a school role play area.


We have reviewed all the children’s next steps and will post these on to Tapestry next week so you can support at home. Please feel free to comment on Tapestry or get in touch for further ideas and information.


Now that the weather is getting very hot, we ask that you ensure your child has a named sun hat and suitable cool clothing where possible. We also ask that sun cream is applied at home on hot days and we will be providing sun cream at preschool mid-morning and in the afternoon. If your child has skin sensitivities you are welcome to provide their own sun cream, clearly labelled, to keep at preschool.