This week's round up - 12th November

What a busy week we have all had at Preschool. The children have really found their feet now and have settled back into our routines with ease. This weeks learning has focused on colours and Remembrance Day.

We had a very colourful tuff tray to explore and introduced some coloured sand and colour mixing both indoors and outdoors. We enjoyed some chalking outside the front entrance and have played lots of movement and dancing games.

The building has proved popular again this week and we introduced some new building equipment with tools and lots of bolts and screws which the children have loved! Our main theme this week has been poppies as we celebrated remembrance day. The children made poppy crowns, did fingerprint poppies and had an art class to create their own poppy masterpiece! The older children joined the school on the playground for a 2 minute silence on Thursday as well.

Next week we are focusing our learning on 2D shapes. We will be naming and matching them and using our shape friends to find shapes around us. We will have some shape activities in the tuff tray to help us learn the names and match them up as well as other fun activities. Some of our communication and language activities will include rhyme time, the name game, Lola Leopard and the letter P sound. We will also be going on a shape hunt, making shape faces and following instructions to make playdough.

Ladybirds will be talking about family next week and would love for the children to have family photos on Tapestry to share with their friends.

Dragonflies are going to be looking at our Preschool rules and linking these to our actions and feelings.

If you are unsure which group your child is in, please ask at drop off/collection.

Dates and reminders:

* Monday 15th: The start of anti bullying week so wear your odd socks to preschool!

*Friday 19th: Pyjama day for children in need - donation of £1 on the day *Please ensure all hats, gloves, jackets, wellies are clearly labelled as we do get duplicate items.

*If you want to change/up your sessions in January, please let us know as soon as possible to ensure we can accommodate as much as we can.

As we seem to still have COVID-19 as part of our lives, please be vigilant of the symptoms and keep your child off preschool and get a PCR if they have any of them. If your child displays symptoms while at preschool we will call you to arrange a PCR test and collect.


  • New or continuous cough
  • Fever
  • Loss of/change to taste/smell