This week's round up - 14th May

This week we have all been enjoying some relaxing activities for mental health week. We have been doing lots of yoga, listening to relaxing music and spending quiet time in small group using the hall space. We have started making some ‘I Matter’ trees which we will continue for the rest of the term. These will celebrate all the wonderful things the children are good at and things that make them unique. We have had some lovely scented herbs in our play dough this week including lavender, rosemary and thyme and we had really enjoyed watching our flower and bean seeds grow in the garden.


We have now introduced ‘wow’ moment certificates where we celebrate all the positive acts the children achieve while at preschool. These will also be displayed in the room. This afternoon the children helped to re-organise the room and decided where they would like each area. We now have a small reading den, large home corner, a building/fine motor area and a larger messy space for the tuff tray.


This week the dragonflies have been developing their physical skills as we played some tennis, did lots of PE using our bodies to move in different ways and created obstacle courses. We also spent time building using different bricks and developed our fine motor skills by taking on the pom pom challenge!


The ladybirds have been doing lots of building using the large lego to create different structures and develop play skills in a small group. The children have been singing lots of nursery rhymes using their song board and got messy doing some painting too!


Both groups visited the secret garden this week to look for bugs and birds as well as enjoy spending time in nature.


Next week we are learning all about the Rainforest and look forward to making our own Rainforest canopy as well as many other activities. The children have also started to plan their own activities as we discussed what they would like to do and reflected on the activities they enjoyed this week using Tapestry to look at all the lovely photographs.