This week's round up - 1st October

We have had another busy week at Preschool and have enjoyed lots of messy activities both inside and out. The mud kitchen has been very popular this week as we added some conkers, leaves and sticks to make different creations. The outdoor play house is being transformed into a cafe for the children to role play selling ice creams and making cakes. The children's interests this week have involved rolling objects, vehicles, playdough and superheroes. To support these interests we have created a large ball run in the garden with guttering and different pots and tubs. We have had the diggers in the mud tray and different vehicles outside with the large blocks. In the playdough we have been making cakes, used the space play dough mats and added glitter. The tuff tray got transformed into a superhero rescue as the children had to use tweezers to rescue the superheroes and bugs from the giant web! We have introduced primary colours to the children as we used red, blue and yellow to make prints with paint and added coloured sand to the rice tray.


We will continue to learn our primary colours next week as we have red, blue and yellow rice in the tuff tray and make primary colour conker rolling pictures. A lot of the children are interested in exploring the different vehicles so indoors in our small world area we have created a road map and a space for all the different cars, trucks and diggers to move in different ways. We will be starting to look at the Autumn changes from next week as we add conkers into different activities and have some autumnal themed play dough and arts and crafts.

Next week we will also be starting to make the children's Christmas cards and by the end of the week these will be uploaded to your Tapestry account for you to order.

As the weather continues to change, please ensure the children have the appropriate clothing and that all items are labelled clearly. Especially with the Preschool fleeces and jumpers as there are so many now that have them.

The children are beginning to get used to our routines and settling well once they have arrives. The transition into preschool can take some time to feel confident with but the children are doing very well. Please can you all ensure that your child is handed over to a staff member in the mornings as this is a very busy time. We know it is difficult to talk to us at this time but if you need to let us know something you can always drop us an email if we are unable to talk to you.

Now that we know our children a little better we have adapted our routine. I have attached our new routine for you to see what the children are up to while with us.