This week's round up - 24th September

What a lovely week we have had in the sunshine at Preschool. We have been following the children's interests this week, providing them with activities that reflect what they like to do. Indoors we have created a dinosaur land which will continue to be extended next week with some natural resources from the garden. We have added lots of glitter and other sparkly items to the play dough and used different objects and rollers to make patterns. We created a space tuff tray this week and made some rockets and planets to display alongside. The children explored mixing colours with the paints and we started to make our shape people to learn about 2D shapes.

In the garden we have been using the diggers in the mud and sand trays and pretended to be builders. The children have enjoyed playing with the boats and sea creatures in the water, providing an opportunity to talk about floating and sinking. We have been using the guttering and balls to observe how the balls move and whether they move fast or slow. The children have also engaged in lots of outdoor mark making using chalk and the brushes with the water.

Next week we will continue to look at the children's interest and start to form some next steps for their learning and development. This will allow us to plan fun and exciting activities to support their learning and engage them in their favourite things. Please look out for more observations on Tapestry showing you what the children have enjoyed at Preschool.

See above some resources that you can collect for us here at Preschool as part of our loose parts/open ended play resources. You can drop these things into us at Preschool at drop off or pick up times.

We hope to see some of you at the PTA back to school event later today, at the school between 4pm and 6pm.