This week's round up - 25th June

The weeks are slowly but surely moving along towards the end of term. This past week the children have enjoyed lots of exercise and physical games. This has included joining in with races, stop and go games, roll the ball, dancing and circuits! The children have also enjoyed listening to relaxing music, playing with scented dough and doing some calming yoga. Next week our attention turns to animals and pets and how we can care for them as well as learning about new animals and our favourites. We invite you all to add a photo of either your pet/s or your child’s favourite animals to share at group time.

This week the Ladybirds have been looking at and naming different objects as they continue to develop their communication and language skills. The ladybirds have also enjoyed lots of singing, painting and a lovely trip to the secret garden to look at the new fish in the pond.

The Dragonflies have been busy practicing counting and number recognition and have been taking turns in group at different activities, such as cutting, threading and puzzles. The Dragonflies have been talking about how to keep healthy and took part in circuits too. The Dragonflies also went to visit the fish in the secret garden and did a scavenger hunt.

Next week we will be having a sports day on Wednesday morning on the school field. Unfortunately we are unable to invite you in but we will be taking lots of pictures to share with you. The children have been practicing over the last two weeks and are doing brilliantly in the races. If your child is not in on Wednesday, we will be completing lots of sports day activities during the week so nobody will miss out.