This week's round up - 30th April

Another busy week at preschool learning all about fruits and vegetables. The children have really enjoyed our role play farmers market where a lot of shopping has happened this week! We have had lots of fun creating vegetable printing pictures, sorting by size, choosing our favourite fruits and vegetables and doing fruit and vegetable dances!

Next week we are learning all about growing. This will include looking at how plants grow as well as how animals change as they grow when we look at life cycles and match animal babies to their mummies. We will also be making our outdoor house into a garden centre.


We have adapted our routine to allow us to spend some more focused time with each age group and key groups. I have attached the new routine for you to see. We have also decided to name both groups so now the younger children are called the Ladybirds and the children going to school are called the Dragonflies. The Ladybirds main focus areas of learning will be the Prime areas including communication and language, personal social and emotional development and physical development. These are the core areas of learning that children need to be confident in to be able to continue their learning as they grow and develop. The Dragonflies will also be continuing to develop on the Prime areas of learning while incorporating the specific areas of Maths, Literacy, Understanding the world and Arts and Design. The Dragonflies will also be focussing their learning on preparing for their next step to big school.


This week, the Ladybirds have been continuing to have lots of singing and story time and also included some naming activities using objects and flashcards to develop vocabulary. The Ladybirds have also been exploring textures and developing motor skills using rice to pour, empty and fill containers and enjoyed some turn taking games. The Ladybirds will now be able to access the big field on Friday afternoons for a big run around and to play games.


The Dragonflies have been working hard on developing their listening skills as we played sound games and we have enjoyed doing some sorting games and lots of dancing games too. The Dragonflies used worksheets to play I Spy games, finding different sets of objects and counting the amounts of each and we have also practiced our cutting skills. The Dragonflies will now be accessing the secret garden in the school on Thursday mornings and the big field on Friday mornings.


A few reminders for the coming weeks:

Lunch boxes: Please ensure that your child’s lunch is as healthy as possible to support us in encouraging healthy eating. Please do not send in sweets, fizzy drinks, chocolate or any products with nuts.  Healthy lunch examples can be found here

Clothing and shoes: Now that we are outside a lot more and accessing different parts of the school grounds, it is important that the children have appropriate clothing and shoes for the adventures we have during their day. Trainers or closed toe shoes would be suitable for all the climbing and exploring during the day and shoes without laces to support the children’s growing independence. A labelled sun hat would be suitable to send in now that the weather seems to be warming up too.