This week's round up - 3rd December

This week the children have been busy again making lots of lovely festive surprises for you all and getting very glittery in the process! We have also enjoyed playdough activities to make cakes, create different faces and talk about emotions and make some sparkly planets. Our Nativity mini tray was very popular this week, as was the snow dough tray...we do love to get messy! We have engaged in lots of action songs and dances this week, getting all those wiggles and creative moves out, as well as spending as much time as possible outside, enjoying the fresh air and taking part in races. 

Next week we will be continuing our festive fun, having more craft activities as well as a wintery tuff tray to start the week. We will be talking about oral hygiene as we use special playdough mats to make healthy foods and talk about brushing our teeth. 

The Ladybirds are continuing their musical theme as they will explore more nursery rhymes and different musical instruments. The Dragonflies are going to be practicing turn taking skills as we engage in small group games as well as more activities about keeping our teeth clean and healthy.

Please continue to be vigilant and prompt in booking PCR tests for children and yourselves if you have any of the following COVID symptoms:

  • Continuous/New cough
  • Fever
  • Change to or loss of taste/smell