This week's round up - 7th May

The ever changing weather has not stopped us from having lots of fun this week. After the bank holiday we returned to a very windy, wet week as we began to learn about growing. This has included looking at and creating our own flowers, learning the life cycle of a bean, looking at animal mummies and babies, planting seeds and turning our outdoor playhouse in to a garden centre.


The dragonflies made a wet and windy trip to the secret garden where we made stick wands and did some bark rubbing pictures. We have also been following instructions as the children made their own playdough and have also been practicing counting and number recognition. We also had fun making beautiful chalking pictures for you to see in the front area of Preschool.


The ladybirds have been using their new nursery rhyme choosing board, selecting their favourite rhymes from the pictures, continuing to develop those vital communication skills as well as helping the children to make decisions. They have also been getting messy using the rollers to create patterns as well as working together on the number train puzzle and practicing jumping skills as they played hopscotch.


Next week is metal health awareness week and this year it is based around nature and how this can support our mental health. Next week we are focussing our learning on nature and the environment as we create transient art pictures using natural materials, use herbs to scent our play dough and relax with some yoga. We will also be learning more about recycling and how to look after our environment. Below is link to the metal health foundation website which has ideas on how you can recognise this week as well as sources of advice and support:

We will be introducing show and tell each week where the children can add something to Tapestry and we will share with everyone on a specific day. This will be added to Tapestry, letting you know whose turn it is each week. If you could have the photo’s uploaded for a Monday that would be really helpful.


Another request we have is to provide a family photo to use as a discussion point with the children about their families and lives outside of preschool. This can either be added to Tapestry or emailed.

Thank you and we hope you all have a lovely weekend