Turquoise Band



Turquoise books will include an increasing number of adjectives and more descriptive verbs. The number of pictures on each page will decrease, whereas the text amount will increase. High-interest themes such as danger, courage and anger are introduced, and children will be confident with around 450 high frequency words.

  • Read silently in their head
  • Read a sentence aloud with the correct expression 
  • Know why certain types of punctuation are used and how it affects the sentence 
  • Fluently read long sentences and paragraphs 
  • Decode unusual words by using the sounds they already know 
  • Read both fiction and non-fiction books
How to support your child:

Your child is now beginning to read with more independence and their books are getting longer. You can help them by: 

  • Encouraging them to read some pages silently, inside their heads. 
  • Listening to some pages read aloud, encouraging the use of expression and paying attention to punctuation marks. 
  • Talking about how events in the book relate to each other and helping your child to understand how the story builds up in a longer book. 
  • Asking them to tell you about interesting things they found out and to show you where the information is in the book.