Year 4 on their travels

20th May 2024

Day 1
After a safe arrival in sunny weather, the children have manouvered their suitcases into their dorms and finally made their beds after a slight struggle with their duvet covers.
Whilst the sun was shining one group took to the water...quite literally by jumping in from the deck of the kayaks after messsing about on the water and learning to steer.
Stand up paddleboards for another group. The children took to them like a duck to water! Definitely the right weather to be messing about on the water.
A little down time between activities and dinner - and before the dreaded evening challenge!
Not a spot of mud in sight, luckily, as the children navigated the course blindfold! Now surely the children are ready to get to sleep's hoping Miss Smith!
Day 2
Good morning from Grafham. it was a settled night for most children but not all staff! Today the children have sailing, and high ropes courses to navigate, including Jacob's Ladder
A small peek into the adventures that the children have been getting up to today, including breakfast! Slightly better weather for water sports today.
After a day of high ropes course and sailing, the children are finishing off the day with the long awaited talent show, hot chocolate and I am sure tonight...a good night sleep!
For your entertainment... The Grafham Talent Show!
Day 3
After yesterday's activities and the evening's Talent Show, the children and staff enjoyed a better night's sleep. More watersports planned today in addition to Pioneering (team building and communication) and Archery. 
The rain today did not stop play...and sailing and paddleboarding - which talking to the children seemed to be a favourite and EASY (for them!)
One concession to the rainy weather today was a chance to dry out with Archery now indoors!
I admit that I had to look up what Pioneering was -and it's this...just looking at the photos you can 'imagine what problems the children were solving at the time!