Year 6 on Tour!

17th June 2019

Day 1...A warm and sunny arrival with our first stop at Amazon World! Lots of excited animals (including those in cages). Just arrived at our beach view hotel and we are busy unpacking and setting up our room rules!
Day 1 continued....After a meal of macaroni cheese or pasta bake followed by apple pie and custard, we went in search of the seemingly elusive Shanklin Chine.
It might have been a cunning plan to tire out the children, but we did circle the town of Shanklin ending up cutting through the chine followed by frolics the beach.
 Showers then bed, hopefully!
NB a chine is a steep sided coastal gorge where a river flows to the sea.
Day 2...After a not too early start and a hearty three course breakfast we headed off in the rain to explore the links between the island and geology and the wealth of dinosaur and fossil  finds.
This began with a wet but happy search for fossilised sponge, worm burrows, poo and we even found two dinosaur bones now tucked in Imogen’s pocket.
We dried out with a hands on talk from our geologist Trevor, lunch and explored 
Day 2 continued...Our afternoon visit to a Roman Villa gave us an opportunity to impress and share what knowledge we had learnt in school. We designed our own Roman mosaic tile, had a well earned run around once the rain had stopped and impressed staff with our kindness, manners and knowledge.
 An you spot our Meldreth Primary School logo in mosaic form?
Day 2.- evening... All is quiet after our evening taking a lesson glass blowing. Did you know it was the Romans, who first brought glass making to Britain around 2000 years ago and that glass production stopped when the Romans left Britain in 412AD.
As the weather was bright and the children were full of energy we walked back across the coastal path ready for a bedtime story and a much earlier bedtime that yesterday. We are looking  forward to a peaceful evening!
Day 3...A warm but showery day out today. We spent the day getting back to nature in the trees and woodland  canopy walks. We played on a pirate ship, triumphed on a sky trampoline and  squeezed through a squirrel run. We played a 7:0 football game with a Royston school and even met Lily’s future self!
Day 3 continued... A chilled beach  visit this evening with a dip on the ocean, crab hunt and football game. An earlier and peaceful night for all!
Day 4...A real look at the features of our new island home today, with a river and forest walk followed by a visit to a very famous geographical feature known all over the world. We finished the afternoon off with a sweet making demonstration and tasting!
Sandcastles later 
Day 4 continued...Our last evening on the beach. This time with “the wave game” (honestly we only went up to our ankles) Lola now knows where her ankles are!, cricket, and chips.
The water was warm and the children are tiring.
An early start this morning, which was a shock for some. A 9am ferry crossing to Portsmouth and the Mary Rose Exhibition. We learned how King Henry VIII’s war ship  sank in the Solent, and how what was onboard at the time tells us about life in the Tudor times. 
Following lunch (and football) overlooking the Isle of Wight for the last time, we set off for home to the theme song of the holiday of ‘Old Town Road’, (thanks Levi, followed by ‘We’re coming home.’