Year 6 On Tour

16th May 2022

Day Four

Dinosaur Isle this morning - with expect guidance, the children found plenty of fossilised shells, trees and oysters, and even a couple of pieces of dinosaur bone! We are having lunch outside now in glorious sunshine and then off to The Needles this afternoon. 

This afternoon, the children took an exhilarating boat ride to view the Needles Rocks and Lighthouse, coloured sands of Alum Bay, dramatic caulk cliff face and the surrounding coastal features.

This was followed with a  sweet making demonstration of 4000 rhubarb and custard sweets made in 20 minutes! 

After an informative glass making demonstration, the by now exhausted but happy children made one last visit to the beach this evening after dinner before packing and getting ready to leave in the morning. 

Day Three
Today's visit is to Osborne House, Queen Victoria's palatial holiday home.   Then off to explore the 88 acres of exploration adventure and entertainment at Robin Hill this afternoon.

It was a lovely sunny afternoon at Robin Hill Adventure Park. The children had a  great time on the pirate ship, watching a 4D movie and a falcon show and playing some football. They tackled an adventure course in the trees and tobogganed down the hill.

Yesterday evening we had clearly tired the children out with some still having energy for a beach visit and some remaining in the hotel to play games. Last night was a little  stormy overnight, but all children slept well. Tomorrow's adventure is  to Dinosaur Isle followed by a visit to The Needles. 

Day Two
The children started the day early with a trip to the beach (to tire them out for Breakfast!). Breakfast consisted of cereal, and beans on toast followed by a coach trip to Blackgang Chine. * 
In the fabulous weather today, the children made best use of  water slides, a rollercoaster, cowboy land and hedge maze.  Now they are showering and getting ready for dinner at 6pm, then off to the beach for the evening's entertainment.
*A Chine is a  steep-sided coastal gorge where a river flows to the sea. 
Day One
After a rest stop  an hour from Portsmouth, the journey continued and the children ate their lunch at Portsmouth’s historical dockyard with only a little rain to test those waterproofs!
We then had a great time in the interactive Mary Rose exhibition, followed by a tour around the HMS Victory. We sat outside on the ferry and enjoyed the fresh sea air. 
We had a dinner of chicken nuggets followed by jelly and ice cream, then headed down to the beach for an evening of games and exploring the beach.
The children are now in their pyjamas and getting ready for bed. Off to Blackgang Chine in the morning!