Yellow Band



Books at this level present children with new vocabulary. The amount of words per page has slightly increased, with one new word for every twenty familiar words. Non-fiction titles at this level build on children’s interests and encourage discussion. 


  • Retell a story from memory 
  • Read a book without pointing at the words, unless they get stuck
  • Blend phonemes together to understand a word, e.g. d-o-g 
  • Use punctuation, such as speech marks and question marks 
  • Notice and correct some of their mistakes 
  • Sometimes, they can work out what is going to happen next in a story


How to support your child:

Your child is now beginning to read with more confidence. As they read aloud, you can help them by: 

  • Giving them time to sound out words they don’t know. If they still struggle, encourage them to try sounding out the whole word, rather than guessing from the pictures or from the first letter. 
  • Giving them time to recognise and correct their own mistakes. 
  • Asking them to talk about what’s happening in the book, encouraging them to make links to events on previous pages and to say what they think will happen next.