Look at what we've been learning 2019 and 2020

Welcome to Puffin class!
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Week ending 13th March

This week we have continued our learning through our pirate topic with singing Portside Pirates and exploring shapes around us including 3D shapes. The week was complete with Puffin class taking part in our brilliant Sports Relief run.

In phonics we added ‘was and ‘you’ to our growing tricky word collection and we continued to apply our learning of sounds and tricky words in lots of different ways.

Headteachers award- Rupert

Olympic award- Tegan

Star writer- Callum

Week ending 6th March

What a busy week! All classes enjoyed activities from the same book called ‘The Journey’ this week. Puffin class felt very grown up knowing they were using the same book as Year 6! We used the picture only book to inspire writing and other creative activities including making doors in the trees in our Nature Detectives session. We completed the week with World Book Day dressing up as our favourite book characters.

In Maths we continued to explore and play games with 2D and 3D shape and in phonics we learnt the tricky troll word, ‘are’ and we revisited some sounds from Phase 3.

Week ending 28th February

Welcome back to a new half term. This week we found some mystery objects left in a treasure chest. We discovered they belonged to Pirate Pete and this was the starting point for our new Pirates topic. We enjoyed singing pirate songs and sharing pirate stories and in our Nature Detectives session we made some pirate dens.

In Maths we named, described and played games with 2D shapes. In phonics we explored tricky troll words and continued to apply our phonic knowledge for reading and writing words and sentences.

Headteacher award- Esme

Olympic Values award- Otis

Star writer- Samuel

Woodland Wonders!
Welcome back to Spring Term of our weekly Nature Detectives. 
It may be cold but the woods provide shelter from the elements and enables lots of learning opportunities in nature.
Please pack waterproofs, gloves and a hat for the colder weather.
We need lots more helpers this term, so if you can spare a couple of hours please see our rota and sign up!

Week ending 14th February

We have been very busy learners over the last three weeks of this half term!

Cong hey Fat Choy! We have celebrated Chinese New Year in lots of different ways including dragon dances, making, painting, drawing, writing and even cooking yummy Chinese Spring rolls!

The rest of our time has been spent exploring and retelling lots of traditional stories. We have got to know the different characters, decided which are favourites and we have even learnt the Three Bears Rap ready to perform to our adults.

We have also explored money, capacity and simple number calculations.

In Phonics we have discovered some new Phase 3 Tricky Troll words:

‘they ‘all’ ‘you’ and ‘my’

We have also learnt some new diagraphs and trigraphs with ‘ure’ ‘er’ ‘oo’ ‘ar’ ‘or’ ‘ow’ ‘oi’ ‘ear’ air’

As always continue to apply our learning through our play and busy learning time.


Headteachers award- Bebe, Otis, Tegan

Olympic Values- Vinnie, Rufus, Felix G

Star writers- Toby, Fearne, Ella


Happy Half Term!

Week ending 17th January

This week we have explored different versions of some very well known traditional stories. We read Jack and the Beanstalk and later in the week we followed this with the less well known Jim and the Beanstalk! This created lots of learning opportunities including counting and measuring beanstalks, role play and we even planted our own beans to grow in our classroom.

In phonics we are continuing to add to our tricky words with ‘my’ and we are practising our decoding skills using digraphs, ‘oa’ and ‘oo’

Headteacher award- Ronnie

Olympic award- Rosie

Star writer- Vinnie

Week ending 11th January

Welcome back to Puffin class 2020! This week we explored numbers from 0-20. In phonics we revisited and reviewed digraphs and trigraphs ‘ai’ ‘ee’ and ‘igh’.

We began our new topic on traditional stories called ‘Once Upon a Time’. We will have lots of learning opportunities through our different stories to look forward to this half term.

Head teacher award- Isabella

Olympic award- Rory

Week ending 13th December

Puffin class had a terrific time performing in our Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 Nativity.

We did a dress rehearsal at the beginning of the week and two further performances for our adults and families.

This week we have continued revisiting and reviewing our sounds and tricky words we have learnt so far this term.

We had a final Nature Detectives for this term, making and leaving a trail of food for the reindeers.

On our final week we will continue to explore some Christmas themed stories which are inspiring us with our counting, writing and creative activities.

Happy Christmas everyone!

Headteacher award- All of Puffin class

Olympic values- Arthur

Star writer- Bethany

Week ending 6th December

Nativity practise is well under way for the Puffins and other classes!

This week we went on a special trip to the Christmas Tree festival at Meldreth church, we enjoyed exploring the beautiful displays and later drawing and writing about our favourite Christmas trees.

In maths we explored finding 1 less than a number and some subtraction calculation activities.

In phonics we continued to add to our building knowledge of sounds for reading and writing with digraphs ‘ng’ ‘ch’ ‘th’ ‘sh’

Headteachers award- Vinnie

Olympic Values award-Alice

Week ending 29th November

This week was our final week on our topic ‘Tell me a story’ we discussed our favourite books and characters from the books we have explored and we made our own book to celebrate the stories of Julia Donaldson.

In Maths we are continuing to develop our number skills with counting and adding groups of objects.

In phonics we explored the digraphs ‘ch’ ‘th’ ‘sh’ and ‘ng’

We have some new tricky words ‘me’ ‘we’ ‘he’ ‘be’ and ‘she’

Headteachers award- Felicity

Olympic Values award- Tegan

Star Writer- Charlotte

Week ending 22nd November

This week we enjoyed reading and learning using the story and characters from the well known story ‘The Gruffalo’. We created story maps and even our own Gruffalo style creatures. In Maths we carefully counted Gruffalos and other animals and used them to practise our adding skills.

In Phonics we learnt phonemes and actions for ‘x’ ‘y’ ‘z’ and ‘qu’

Headteachers award- Fearne

Olympic values award- Louis

Star writer- Rory



Week ending 15th November

This week in Puffin class it has begun to feel a bit Christmassy with some preparations for our Christmas performance in December.

We have also continued our topic Tell me a Story with ‘What the Ladybird Heard’. We used the story to explore characters and sequencing events. We have begun to explore addition including making 6 in different ways.

In phonics we had a Phase 2 revision week where we practiced all our phonemes learnt so far and revisited the tricky troll words ‘I’ ‘no’ ‘go’ ‘to’ ‘the’.

We continue to put our sounds knowledge into action with practice segmenting and blending words for reading.

Headteachers award- William P

Olympic Values award- Amelia

Star writer- Ellie

Week ending 8th November

This week we have continued our Tell me a Story topic exploring stories by Julia Donaldson. We even made stickmen and his family as one our challenges during Nature Detectives. We also practiced our measuring skills, we measures objects and ourselves using the language of measures.

In phonics we learnt some new sounds ‘ss’ ‘j’ ‘v’ ‘w’

Headteachers award- Bethany

Olympic Values award- Esme

Writer award- Bebe

Week ending 1st November

We have settled back into a new half term. We welcomed the parents to try out some cake decorating and phonic activities. We also celebrated Divalli the festival of light with activities in the classroom and during our nature Detectives session.

We have begun a new topic called ‘Tell me a Story’ which is all about stories written by Julia Donaldson.

In maths we have been practising our accurate counting, number recognition and finding 1 more and 1 less than a number.

In Phonics we are learning the tricky troll words ‘I’ ‘no’ ‘go’ to’ and ‘the’ and sounds ‘h’ ‘b’ ‘f’ ‘ff’ ‘ll’

Headteachers award-Oliver

Olympic values award-Charlotte

Writer award- Rufus

Week ending 18th October

Puffin class have completed their first half term at school!

We finished off our busy half term with a brilliant scooter-thon to raise money for Shepreth Wildlife Park Hedgehog Rescue.

In phonics we learnt some new sounds ‘ck’ ‘u’ ‘e’ ‘r’ and we met the Tricky Word Troll, who taught us our first tricky words ‘to’ and ‘the’.

Headteachers award-Toby

Sports award-William O

Writer award-Felicity


Week ending 11th October

We have enjoyed learning all about The Little Red Hen this week, the little red hen had to grow and make the bread all by herself. We talked about how the characters felt and decided it would be kind to be friendly and helpful. Later in the week we read a story where the little red hen made pizzas, we decided to make our own which smelt and tasted delicious!

In Maths we have been practising our accurate counting, our number recognition and ordering skills.

In Phonics we have discovered the actions for the phonemes ‘g’ ‘o’ ‘c’ ‘k’.

Head teachers award- Ella

Sports award- Felix L

Writer award- Arthur


Week ending 4th October

This week we finished off the week celebrating Harvest with a whole school assembly.

In class we enjoyed reading and learning all about Oliver’s Fruit Salad and The Enormous Turnip.

We made our own fruit kebabs and talked about our favourite fruits and their initial sounds. We explored shape and patterns with shape pictures and vegetable printing in our Maths.

In Phonics we learnt some new sounds ‘I’ ‘m’ ‘n’ ‘d’

We are using our sounds to make some simple words and we are practising our segmenting and blending skills.

Week ending 27th September

Hi everyone, what a busy week we have had! Puffin class have had some full days at school and we have started our new topic on food called Yummy Scrummy.

We have started our Phase 2 phonics, this week we have learnt the sounds and actions for:

‘s’ ‘a’ ‘t’

Reception class are looking so smart in their new school uniforms!
We are beginning our exciting learning journey in Puffin class. 
Puffin class have been getting to know our new classroom and each other.
We have been exploring stories about starting school and we have
read stories about Elmer the elephant with colour and pattern.
 Video- Fix it Duck coming soon.  
In the meantime find it on Tapestry.