Look what we've been learning!

Head Teacher's Award:
The winner of this weeks Head Teachers award was Caia Z for always being so reliable and helpful around the class.  Well done Caia!
Sports Award:
This weeks award goes to Gregory K who has been spectacular in gymnastics and pilates this week.  Great job Gregory!
Star Writer:
Every week we elect a new Swift Class star writer. This weeks star writer was Toby V  who created a brilliant new character for our reworking of The Boy and the Bear.  Well done Toby!
Nature Detectives at work!
Look what we have been up to this week.....
Week beginning 18th November 2019
Class Topic - Wonderful Weather
We have been busy, busy, busy!  Nativity rehearsals are well underway and we have been acting out the first half of the performance.  The children are growing in confidence with the songs and are getting to grips with where they need to be on the stage.
In writing this week children have been designing and describing their new characters, plus writing story maps for our reworking of The Bear and the Boy.  The children will be replacing the bear with another animal or insect which hibernates. We have had plenty of hedgehogs, snakes and a bee!  In maths we have just completed work on 2D shapes, including learning about shape properties, along with sorting them and making repeating patterns.  Next week we will start out next place value unit.
In phonics we have been learning about alternative ways to say ch as in c and sh.  Obviously we had to mention Christmas and words like parachute.
Next week on Thursday it is Decoration Day.  The children are very excited!  Any parents wanting to help please let the office know.