Sun Safety at Preschool


At Preschool,  we are sun-safe and promote children wearing sun-hats and covering up. As ‘role-models’ to our youngest children we always lead by example.

We also request that parents apply their own preferred sun-cream before children arrive at our setting each day. Please ensure that it is a suitable SPF, (50+)  and in-date. We do have a supply of NIVEA SUN Kids Protect & Sensitive  Sunscreen with SPF 50+ which with your written permission, we can apply additionally for those children staying in our setting all day when the team think that this is necessary.

 Whilst in our setting, children will be shown how to apply sun-cream correctly and older children will  be encouraged to ‘help’ apply it to their own bodies, with practitioners going over the exposed areas of skin to make sure that no areas have been missed.