Our Strategic Plan

Our school strategic plan gives an overview of our objectives for the academic year. This plan is broken down into termly objectives and actions. All staff take a part in leading our short and long term objectives with the senior leadership team taking overall responsibility.

Our school leadership team 2022 - 23

Headteacher: Mrs S Howard (Attendance, assessment; safeguarding)
Assistant Headteacher: Mr D Chapman (Curriculum, Key Stage 2 standards and moderation)
TLR postholders
Mrs K Samways (SEND; EYFS standards and moderation)
Miss J. Cole (Key Stage 1 standards and moderation)
Our school Improvement Priorities 2022-23
Quality of Education
To improve the attainment and progress in reading and writing across the school; continuing to build writing stamina, create opportunity for innovation and maintain quality and accuracy in the composition and sentence structure.
Behaviour and Attitudes
To secure a whole school approach to promoting mental health and wellbeing which, if applied consistently and comprehensively, will help contribute towards protecting and promoting children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing.
Personal Development
To deliver effective interventions and ‘catch up, keep up’ programmes, which offer rich learning opportunities and experiences for all children, specifically targeting disadvantaged pupils, and others, who are working behind their peers.
Leadership & Management
To continue developing and establishing a broad and rich curriculum from EY to KS2, which builds on prior learning and deeps learning connections; pupils develop positive attitudes, values and transferable skills which encourage them to take ownership for their learning.
Quality of Early Years Provision
Strategic of Pre-school provision and ensuring the financial stability of the setting
Introduction and embedding of a new Phonics programme