Useful Forms

Giving regular medicines 
We encourage parents whose child is taking medication three times a day, to give it before school, after school and at bedtime.
If a doctor has specified that one of the doses should be given at lunchtime and the parent/carer is unable to administer the dose, our fully trained Paediatric First Aiders will:
1. Ask Parent/Carers to complete a Medicine Administration request form.
2. Refer to this form prior to giving the medicine.
3. Check the child’s name on the form and the medicine in the original packaging.
4. Check the prescribed dose.
5. Check the expiry date.
6. Check the prescribed frequency of the medicine.
7. Measure out the prescribed dose (parents should provide measuring spoons/syringes). 
8. Check the child’s name again and administer the medicine.
9. Complete and sign our Administration of Medicine Record Book when the child has taken the medicine.
10. If we are uncertain we will check first with parents or doctor.
11. If a child refuses medication, we will inform parents as soon as possible.
Pre-existing Injuries
To comply with child protection requirements, please complete this form when you bring your child to Preschool with a pre-existing injury.
This form will be held in accordance with our privacy policy.