Wren Class Enrichment Activities


Walk to a local landmark
Visit and find out more about some of the following:
  • Meldreth Station 
  • The stocks on the green
  • Meldreth War Memorial
  • Meldreth Church 
  • The A10 underpass
  • Melwood Nature Reserve
  • The River Mel
  • The British Queen Pub 
  • Topcliffe Mill, located off North End, opposite Holy Trinity Church.
Take photos of your walk and the landmark...come and tell us what you found out!
Go on a Scavenger Hunt
A scavenger hunt tests your seeking skills in the wild and is lots of fun too.
Work together or make it a competition.
Could you be the ultimate nature scavenger among your friends?
Grow Something From a Seed
Gardening will stimulate all five senses, children will feel different textures in the soil, seeds and plants, they will be able to smell the flowers, hear the bees and birds, see the different colours of the plants and taste any vegetables, herbs or fruits you grow together.
 March is a great time to plant lots of different seeds. Let us know how you get on!