Wren Class Enrichment Activities

Walk to a local landmark
Visit and find out more about some of the following:
  • Meldreth Station 
  • The stocks on the green
  • Meldreth War Memorial
  • Meldreth Church 
  • The A10 underpass
  • Melwood Nature Reserve
  • The River Mel
  • The British Queen Pub 
  • Topcliffe Mill, located off North End, opposite Holy Trinity Church.
Take photos of your walk and the landmark...come and tell us what you found out!
Create marshmallow constellations
Explore different constellations and use marshmallows and cocktails ticks to create your own.
Remember to upload a photo of your creations to Tapestry, we can't wait to see them!
Find out more about stars and stargazing at the following links.
Remember to always ask an adult before visiting websites and downloading apps.
Start a vegetable patch
  1. Pick a Sunny Spot. A South-facing plot will get the most sunlight. ...
  2. Consider the depth of your vegetable patch so that you can reach easily. ...
  3. Dig Deep. ...
  4. Add Compost or Manure. ...
  5. Peas or Runner Beans. ...
  6. Sunflowers. ...
  7. Strawberries. ...
  8. Cabbage and Lettuce ...
Take some photos and come in to tell us all about it.