Vision and Values

Meldreth Primary School is a caring school where our aim is that all the children are happy and well-motivated. They will be challenged to achieve high standards, through a rich and varied curriculum.

We are a school where all members of the school community have equal access to learning opportunities and enjoy learning and growing together. 

Our values:

  • aspire...enjoy...achieve

Our vision:

To deliver outstanding educational provision so that our children become…

  • responsible, independent individuals who have the knowledge and attitudes to contribute to and be successful in an ever-changing world
  • creative, imaginative thinkers and risk takers who enjoy challenge and love solving problems
  • respectful and resilient learners

Our curriculum places a strong emphasis on the quality of children’s learning and is designed to help prepare them for their futures.

“It is calculated that by 2026, half the jobs that people will be performing do not yet exist. We simply don’t know what they will be.” Mick Waters (Qualifications and Curriculum Authority) This reality forms the basis of our curriculum which focuses on developing children’s skills to develop independence and tackle challenges with confidence.

Our curriculum is planned using the national curriculum which became statutory in September 2014 and places less emphasis on TEACHING facts - greater emphasis on:

  • teaching children how to LEARN the facts for themselves
  • embedding the skills and attitudes needed to be successful in life

In the classroom this means that learning is given a purpose by linking subjects through themes which last for varying lengths of time. Where it is not possible to include every subject in the theme some are taught discretely (such as maths, science and PSHE&C) and others will be taught later in the year as part of a different theme.

We are always striving to do even better! Your feedback is vital in helping us to provide the best school possible for your children.