Our Home Learning Support


What home learning should my child complete?

We’re determined to keep all of our pupils on-track this year and make sure no one falls behind if they need to learn from home because of coronavirus.

Each day we’d like your child to:

  •  Complete the recommended phonics, maths and literacy task
  •   Complete a creative task
  •   Read with an adult

Please upload a summary of their day’s work onto Tapestry so that we can see what they have been up to and comment on it.

What support will the school provide? 

  •  Regular contact with teachers through video stories
  •  Daily feedback via Tapestry, so your child knows how they’re doing

What can I do to help my child?

  • Create and stick to a routine, as this is what your child is used to at school. For example, eat breakfast at the same time each morning and make sure they're dressed before starting the ‘school’ day
  • Stick a timetable up on the wall so everyone knows what they should be doing when, and tick activities off throughout the day
  • Make time for exercise and breaks throughout the day to keep your child active

If you haven’t already discovered www.phonicsplaycomics.co.uk you may also find these free decodable comics useful at a time when you can’t physically exchange your children’s decodable reading books.