Our Anti-Bullying Councillors

This year, our Anti-Bullying Council have been hard at work behind the scenes investigating ways that they can promote positive and inclusive attitudes towards each other, and how they could improve the way we, as a school, promote anti-bullying.

Our Council members started by speaking to their class to find out if they had any ideas – and they had hundreds!

Anti-bullying Council
Our council is made up of child representatives from Years 3 to 6 and Mrs Howard. It meets to review promote anti-bullying activities throughout the school e.g. by preparing leaflets and school assemblies.
The council are responsible for seeking the views of the pupils throughout our school. ABC children make themselves known throughout the school by wearing a special badge and are available for children to approach if they consider themselves to be the victim of bullying.
Our Aims
  • To raise awareness of bullying of children in schools, elsewhere and online,
  • To highlight ways of preventing and responding to bullying
What is Bullying?
Bullying is repeated behaviour which uses power to hurt, frighten or cause unhappiness to another.

The defining factors are that it is:

  • on purpose
  • ongoing
  • very harmful
  • an abuse of power.
This behaviour includes: 
  • talking badly about someone behind their back (online or in person)
  • teasing someone, calling them names, giving nasty looks or making rude gestures
  • spreading rumours or lies about someone (online or in person)
  • hurting someone physically by pushing, hitting, slapping, ganging up on or restraining them
  • excluding someone from a group (online or in person)
  • harassing someone because of their race, sex, religion, gender or a disability
  • sharing embarrassing photos of someone online
  • posting mean things about someone on social media
What to do if you feel you are being bullied.
  • Talk to an adult
  • Tell your class Anti-bullying Councillors
  • Block online

If you’ve been called a bully

At our school, you have a chance to:

  • take responsibility for and change the way you treat others
  • have help to stop causing others to feel helpless or unsafe
  • help find a way forward so everyone involved can coexist without feeling blame or shame.
Wall of Expression
Feeling frustrated or angry? Get creative and watch your worries crumble away as you knock down your wall of expression.
Tower of Confidence
Build a tower made up of all the great things about you! Answer some questions about yourself and things you like to add blocks to your tower.
Bounce Back From Bullying
Bullying can make you feel like there’s no escape. But there are always ways to get help and feel better. Answer the questions to get advice on how to cope.
Build Your Happy Place
Create a space that's just for you. Choose things that help you feel happy, calm and safe and drag them into your room.