Charlotte's Web review


There is a pig and a girl. The pig’s name was Wilbur. The owner of the farm saw the size of the pig and saw that he would be a runt. The farmer decides to do away with the pig, which means to slaughter the pig because he is so small. The girl told her father not to slaughter the pig.

Then the pig grows really big and goes to the uncle.  Then everything starts to get very different. It is just down the road but it has much more animals than the other farm. The goose, sheep, horse, cow and a crafty rat called Templeton.

The animals told Wilbur that the farmer would slaughter him at Christmas time because they will need it for Christmas dinner. Wilbur heard a voice that he had never heard before. You probably know what that is. The voice told him to go to sleep. In the morning, he heard the voice again and there was a big orb web with a big, common grey spider. We have common garden, but this was a common grey. The spider’s name was Charlotte.

Maybe not everyone likes spiders, but I do. At first I didn’t really like them, but now I do. Probably one of the most beautiful spiders in the UK is the ladybird spider. The book is kind of like the EB White books like the Trumpet of the Swan. They have made a film of Charlotte’s Web.