Our Parents & Carer Survey 2024

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Our Parents & Carer Survey 2024

This year we have had our best ever yet response to our survey, with 131 responses! We very much appreciate the time that you spent and value all your views and feedback. We are very pleased with the high level of confidence you feel in all aspects of the school. We benchmark our survey results against Ofsted Parent View between 2 January 2023 and 1 January 2024 for 551,490 submissions for primary schools in England. Our feedback continues to exceed these results.

Our Strengths: highest three results

Your Positive Feedback

Our children are happy at the school and the school is a nurturing environment.

We have had no problems with the school and has found it to be very efficient, organised and focused on my child’s development.

My child loves school. She enjoys coming to school and is always excited to tell us about her day. So far she has thoroughly enjoyed every single one of her teachers and TAs and they’ve all been “the best!”

Thank you for all the staff in the school - every member of the staff makes our children feel welcome and keen to come to school daily.

Fabulous little school! Best move we made moving our children to this school.

Extra support from the teaching team when child has had some social/emotional challenges has been appreciated.

The best move we made to this school - we are incredibly happy.

Every staff member is approachable and accommodating.

Bullying seems to be taken very seriously by the school. We had an issue in the previous term and it was followed up on quickly.

Meldreth primary is run extremely well and the standard of education my daughter is receiving is excellent. I get to see how the pupils from the various local schools behave and Meldreth pupils are always well behaved and polite. A big thanks to everybody working at Meldreth primary for all their hard work.

Staff work hard to ensure all children have opportunities to succeed. The curriculum is engaging and relevant for this, our children particularly enjoy the additional events throughout the year. Thank you to all the staff who contribute to this.

A wonderful school with amazing, friendly and approachable staff.

My children thoroughly enjoy their school day and I can see how well they are progressing academically and socially.

Even better if:

The school gates are opened promptly both in the morning and in the afternoon – hopefully you have found this better recently.

Would be useful to have some updates between parent’s evenings on how they’re doing and how we can help support them in this - we will carefully outline the many formal opportunities for staff to share information about your child at ‘Meet the Teacher’ meetings. You are very welcome to contact us to make an appointment with teachers at any time.

We do not feel that issues within our sons class are being handled fairly or effectively. Children are disciplined without clear reason, occasionally incorrectly and certainly not consistently over the school – we have developed a new Positive Behaviour Policy to share our approach with you and ensure this is consistent across school – watch this space!

I have felt frustrated at times that I've not received much feedback especially as the transition from KS1 to KS2 is quite a steep learning curve. Not having the use of Tapestry anymore means I've sometimes felt I'm not sure the best way to support my child's home learning as I'm out of the loop of what they're doing in class – We are looking into how Google Classroom can also send updates to parents so that you can feel more involved in your older child’s learning - watch this space!

Whether there is enough communication between the staff who are on duty at break/lunchtime and the class teachers to ensure any incidents are reported – We hope that our new Positive Behaviour Policy and training for staff will support better communication with parents.

We always welcome any further feedback you have about any aspect of school life. We are always very keen to hear from parents with suggestions for improvements in the way we are operating. Please feel free to catch us at school, to email us or to call if you have something to contribute.