Personal, social, health and economic ( PSHE ) education

PSHE is at the heart of our curriculum and is reflected in every area of teaching and learning.  All elements of school life centre around ensuring children are given ample opportunity to understand themselves, their communities and the wider world around them.  At Meldreth, we believe that children need safe spaces to discuss their own values and principles and be guided in the way to live a safe and happy life with the confidence to make reasoned decisions about their own choices.  We recognise it is fundamental for children to understand about physical and mental wellbeing, exploring their emotions in a safe and non-judgemental environment. The values of PSHE underpin our curriculum and our vision statement.  
We follow the Cambridgeshire PSHE programme of study and  engage with the PSHE service outreach from the Life Bus.

Our Year 5/6 pupils take part in the Health Related Behaviour Survey, provided to schools by Schools Health Education Unit at Exeter University. This gives us a really good view of children's broader well-being needs; ensuring that we are offering them relevant learning opportunities in school.

Active citizenship is also enthusiastically encouraged though our Pupil Leadership Groups. We recognise the importance of every child having a voice and strive to provide the children with constantly open avenues to express their opinions, values and beliefs.