Kestrel Class Learning


Welcome to Kestrel Class!
Here you will find photos and videos of our fantastic learning, trips and activities over the course of this academic year!
We hope you will see us aspire, enjoy and achieve!
Knowledge Organisers (Spring Term)
Kestrel Class Visit West Stow!
We enjoyed a brilliant school trip to the Anglo Saxon Village of West Stow! We looked at what an Anglo Saxon village would have looked like, explored the museum and visited the different houses!
Kestrel Class Recreate the Solar System!
Kestrel Class learnt about the relationship between the Sun, Earth and Moon and how these affect our day and night and seasons! We then physically recreated this with our bodies!
Kestrel Class are Presenters!
To conclude our amazing 'space' topic in Science, Kestrel Class were tasked with creating a group presentation on a certain element within our galaxy using Google Slides!
Kestrel Class Are Musicians!
Kestrel Class are learning to play a range of percussion instruments in preparation for the Christmas Concert in a few weeks' time! The song they are rehearsing is 'Little Drummer Boy'.
Kestrel Class are Explorers! 
As part of our OAA module in PE this term, Kestrel Class have been learning the key skills of orienteering, including map-reading, keys and compass work. They have completed a number of challenging trails around the school!
Kestrel Class Map the Moon!
Kestrel Class learnt how to use compasses to draw perfect circles then studied the side of the Moon that is always visible to us and mapped the ancient lava lakes and craters!
Kestrel Class are Orators!
As part of Black History Month, Kestrel Class learnt about the impact of powerful oracy and speeches, focussing on Martin Luther King's famous 'I Have a Dream.' They were then tasked with writing and delivering their own speech on a topic they were passionate about.