Our Parent/Carer Survey Results 2024

Our Strengths: highest three results

Your Positive Feedback

She quite likes preschool and talks a lot about things that happen there or things that are being taught about. She has expressed significant distress at the idea of going to "big school". The idea appears to be overwhelming in the "big"ness of it.

All the staff are amazing and he absolutely loves his time in Pre-School

I am disappointed that when she wanted to read and recognised most letters she wasn't given help to do so. I'm really happy that she loves coming and feels safe and valued by staff and thinks the world of 'Bee-anne'.

Staff are absolutely amazing and a true credit to the preschool and school!! They listen to parents, explain things in a correct and easy to understand manner, look after the children amazingly and know their individual needs, I’ve never felt so comfortable leaving my children in a setting as I have done here, a wonderful setting and amazing teachers/staff … thank you!!

I am delighted with Preschool. My son loves attending, and is always enthusiastic about his day. He has come so far, and I am so grateful for the work and the support that the Preschool team put in. I have noticed such a positive change in him, and I know that the Pre-School are working hard to work with him. I can’t thank you enough.

Some of my '3' responses are due to the fact that he hasn't been there long so it's a bit early to say. I still don't have access to Tapestry (there seems to be some technical issues) but it's a shame as I haven't seen anything or has the opportunity to participate.

Thank you for your service and support for our children.

I am happy with all the staff who support her at preschool

Thank you so much for your service.

Would be great to have a parents evening, especially those who are due to start school in September

I like all preschool staff

All the staff in preschool are so friendly, helpful and caring

I’m so happy with the preschool and the care and support the team offer both me and my child - the ladies work tirelessly to make the preschool the amazing place it is and I could not be more grateful