Our Local Community

Our partnerships within the Local Community are essential to the smooth running of the school and to enhancing the children’s experiences and opportunities.

We have an excellent relationship with our Parish Church and regularly take the children to visit the church. We hold our Nativity concert there and join in with their annual Christmas Tree Festival. We have links too, with the Parish Council and work closely with them on matters that affect our local environment and our neighbours in the Village.

We have links with several local businesses and charities and the children learn about supporting their community as well as receiving support from people outside of the school. We regularly help raise money for  Shepreth Wildlife Park and the Jimmy's Food Shelter as our local charities, and we have visits from them to do workshops and information sessions about their work.

We have  visits from the Fire Service, Cambridgeshire Police and our community nursing team. Learning how these and other professionals fit into our community is important for the development of our future citizens.

We value our relationships with all members of the community around us and they provide an important resource to enhance the children’s learning.

There is always plenty going on in Meldreth and a wealth of things to find out about or get involved with. Use the links below to other community groups in our village.