Booking Your Parent Consultation

15th January 2024

Parent Consultation Booking
Sign into your MCAS account at
The Parents Evening option is accessible from the Menu Bar and displays information about any upcoming Parents Evening that your child being viewed is associated with.
More than one child at school?
If you have more than one child at school you can click on the child’s name to display a list of all your children at the school. Simply select the child you want to view from this list.
Click on a teacher to book an appointment time, slots that are not available will be blocked out. Click on the Book option and that appointment will be booked.
The teacher will now display as appointments that have been booked, with the details and time.
Want to change your appointment?
Appointments can be changed by clicking on the X to the right of the booked appointment, this will remove the appointment and return it to the Appointments that need booking section. At any time a list of booked appointments can be printed by clicking on the Printer icon.