Physical Education

At Meldreth, both our staff and children are passionate about Physical Education (PE). The impact of this commitment means that our children are focused learners who benefit from regular activity throughout the day and week. Our PE curriculum includes Games, Dance, Gym, Athletics, Fundamentals, Swimming and Outdoor Adventurous Activities. We are committed to giving children over two hours of PE a week and many of our children are active members of sports clubs and activities provided by our school and the wider community.  Competitive sport is valued and children are taught about sportsmanship. 
We believe that sport is an important contributor to a pupil’s physical and emotional health, builds individual and cooperative skills as well as team spirit. We aim to provide a safe, caring environment in which all children, irrespective of their physical ability can learn effectively and have the opportunity to take part in competitive sports.
We are always striving to find ways to enable children to access more physical activity and combine learning with  The Daily Mile, online activities such as 5 a day fitness and Gonoodle, active learning and our organised activities at lunchtimes.  We run a successful Play Leader programme led by a team of Year 5 and 6 children and also benefit from our sports coach  activities at lunchtimes.