Kite Class Learning


Kite Class Learning 
Summer Term
Designing our own classroom 
In Kite Class, we looked at budgeting. We were given '£20,000' to design our dream classrooms. We had to think about what we had to buy and design our layouts, uniforms, badges and give them a name. 
We worked very hard and came up with some amazing classrooms, even introducing snakes and monkeys as our class pets. 
In Science, we have started our new topic all about Electricity. In this lesson, we explored electrical circuits and got to give the electric circuit boards a go! 
On Mondays and Tuesdays, we have been learning all about shape, exploring different types of triangles, angles and lines of symmetry. 
In Kite Class, we are learning all about Buddhism. At the beginning of our lessons, we take part in meditation, a ritual Buddhists take part in to reach enlightenment. 
Autumn Term
Spring Term
Plastic Pirates Play
In Science, we explored gases and how their particles work. 
In English, we matched different definitions to words, using a dictionary to help us.