In our teaching of Languages, we want children to have an understanding of the importance of learning another language, the enjoyment this can bring and the access this brings to our wider world, thus avoiding cultural insularity. Through our curriculum, we focus on teaching the three pillars of language learning (phonics, vocabulary and grammar) and aim to develop children who are confident to communicate in another language by the end of Key Stage Two.   

The curriculum is planned so children build up their knowledge and understanding of phonics, vocabulary and grammar in the Spanish language. Teaching incorporates the four modalities of language – speaking, listening, reading and writing. Children develop confidence in speaking Spanish through rhythmic songs, deliberate actions, games, dialogue with the teacher and role play. Children in Years 5 and 6 develop their writing skills through consolidating oral work done in class. There is planned practise and purposeful repetition, allowing the children to frequently revisit prior learning and have secure building blocks of knowledge to add new learning.