At Meldreth Primary School we are keen to offer an early introduction to Languages and children are given access to different languages throughout their time in school.  Even the children in Reception answer the register in different languages!

Once children reach Key Stage 2 there is a more formal expectation on language acquisition and we have chosen Spanish as our main language to study.

Spanish is taught by a primary language teacher across this age group who works alongside class teachers to ensure continuity and progression. It is presented in a fun way where children participate in games and songs, thus developing their language skills. Throughout the school year, the children have the opportunity to present to an audience in Spanish: songs learned; descriptions they have written; or perform a simple traditional play.

There are 5 main areas we consider when teaching Spanish:

  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Grammar 

We believe learning Spanish supports general language and literacy development and complements other aspects of the curriculum. At Meldreth, firm foundations are set for further foreign language study at secondary school.