Logging your child's reading

17th October 2022

GoRead is our new online reading journal to better support home/school reading communication. Every child has their own reading journey captured in one place for parents and teachers to share and use to support children’s progress in reading. 

Parents can easily read their child's in school successes and next steps and share important information with their child’s class teacher on how their child is reading at home. 

Our older pupils are encouraged to log their own reading, create their own avatar, spend their gems and challenge their friends using the Go Apps - Pupil Portal.

Getting started is quick and easy.

Every child is provided with a letter that contains our school code and their own unique pin code. Using the GoApps for parents (iOS & Android) or a web browser using the link go-read.co.uk parents are able to the school code and their child’s pin when prompted and that’s it, they're ready!

If parents require any additional help or support they are able to use the chat function on go-read.co.uk.