Sex and Relationships Education

8th March 2024

Relationships and Sex Education (SRE) is a key aspect of Personal, Social and Health Education at Meldreth  Primary School.  As such, it is more than the biology of reproduction, and is taught within the context of caring relationships. 
The purpose of teaching SRE is to ensure that children learn about issues in a caring and informed way, which dispels myths that they may have acquired.

Our work in SRE is set in the wider context of our school values and ethos, we:

  • teach children about the different physical, social and emotional aspects of growing up, relationships and sexuality. 
  • aim to provide pupils with the skills and knowledge they need to have safe, fulfilling relationships, take responsibility for their sexual health, and feel secure and happy in their sexuality.
  • help children to develop resilience, independence and self-esteem.
  • help to prepare children for changes like puberty and the transition into adult life.

In school, we provide a secure environment where pupils can feel comfortable asking questions they might not want to ask elsewhere. Through SRE, children can learn to better understand their needs, respect the needs of others, and improve their overall confidence.