The Forgotten Puppy review



It's about a puppy that had a family but got lost in the streets. The family of the puppy was searching for him all over the city! The owners of the puppies name was Emily and the puppies name was Rina. When Emily was looking in the train station trying to find Rina and she was under the train station bench (the puppy's age is five!) Rina raced out of the train station and Emily did not see her, Rina went inside the train and hid under the seat and there was a cleaner in the train. The cleaner saw Rina under the seat and was frightened and was shocked. Since Rina is an adorable puppy everyone that sees her wants to give her a cuddle.

I liked how cute the puppy was, the owner's name and the story! I think you need to be at least 4 to enjoy this book.