Puffin Class Enrichment

Go on an Autumn Walk

If you’re stuck for ideas, here’s a few things you could  find in an Autumn scavenger hunt.

Mix and match the following, as appropriate for your walk. (Tip: take a bag with you as they will probably want to take their finds home!)

  • 10 acorns
  • 10 acorns still in their cups
  • Sycamore seeds
  • 5 pine cones
  • 5 different shaped leaves
  • 5 conkers
  • A sweet chestnut and a horse chestnut (see below for help!)
  • Different types of feather

I’m sure you get the idea and can think of more things to add!

Perform a song
You do not need to be Pavarotti or Taylor Swift to start singing. Almost everyone can do it, anywhere, without any specialist equipment – you just need a willingness to try and the determination not to let others put you off.
A big part of learning how to sing is first learning how to ‘hear’. This might seem strange, but if you  listen to, and make different noises, then you will be learning about pitch, tone and volume too.
Record yourself to share with us at school!
Take a photograph

Start with…

Find objects that start with a certain letter and photograph them. Make your way through the alphabet if you have time!

Your name

Find objects that start with the letters in your name or look for things that look like letters to make your name.

Create your name and print it off to hang in your room! This is a great way to boost your confidence in photography.

Ask the child to take a photograph of their five favorite things. Favorite color, food, friend, toy, activity, etc.

You can take this one step further by letting them create a slideshow to show friends and family. 

Family tree

Take some portraits of your family immediate or extended, don’t forget the pets! 

Then create a tree on paper or the computer and make your own special family tree.