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I have a dream that one wonderful day,

This prejudiced world will live in perfect harmony,

And that the black and Asian youth of today will access an education equal to that of their white peers.


I have a dream that more help will be given to special needs children and adults,

Who maybe need a wheel chair or specialised schooling,

And they are treated not as being different, but the same.


I have a dream that one day all people will be equal,

NO matter their race or religion,

People will be judged on their kindness and personalities alone.


I have a dream for homeless people in this willing world to live in safety,

To be provided with the essentials of life,

So they can live in perfect peace and not live on the cemented streets.


I have a dream that one day people will stop deforestation, because

We are killing animals, destroying the ecosystem and in the process killing ourselves.

We must do what we can to create an eco-friendly world.


I have a dream that one day people will live in the safety of each other’s arms,

And no longer be entangled in a war on equality,

And not pushed away for being the slightest bit different.


I have a dream that one day, no matter how far into the future,

All shall live in perfect harmony,

And not be judged by what we look like, but who we actually are.



By Max, Lukas, Oliver, Owen, Matthew and Harry

Work From Earlier This Year:

Work From Earlier This Year:
We've had a fantastic time during World Book Week - from creating magical 3D lands to puppet workshops to painting hot air balloons. All based on our school book for the week: Journey by Aaron Becker.
Hawk class have been making some fantastic dioramas of the Amazon Rainforest
Look at some of the brilliant Christmas decorations Hawk class have been sewing this week!
Thank you Dr Love for coming in and showing the class how to dissect a heart!