Year 6 Residential

12th June 2023

Each year, our Year 6 pupils attend  a residential visit in order to learn vital life skills, explore different places and are encouraged to be independent.  
This is what the children had to say about our visit this year...
‘It was really fun and the people who worked there were really nice.’
‘The advice I would give to people going next year is: face your fears and try everything – don’t be scared, everything is really safe.’
‘It was great for building teamwork in our class.’
‘You get to be more independent.’
‘You learn new skills and have loads of fun as well.’
‘The 3G swing was amazing!’
Day 1
After a later than expected departure, to ensure that their journey was air conditioned, the children have arrived on the island and are 15 minutes away from their destination. They are incredibly excited and have travelled well.
The children have now settled into their rooms, had a tour of the site and dinner. After a long day travelling, the children found some shade to work on group tasks after dinner. 
Day 2
The children woke early to blue skies; and it couldn't have been a better day for Body Boarding in the waves, Sea Kayaking and “Jacob’s Ladder” where the children learnt teamwork techniques to safely support their friends to reach the top - all on top of a full English breakfast!
This evening's activity is Mini Olympics once dinner is over and the coastal air temperature is cooler. I imagine staff are hoping that the day's events will tire the group out for an earlier bedtime today!
Day 3
Today the children had two harnessed challenges, the 'Zip Line' and 'Leap of Faith'. These was followed by archery after which the chldren were taught how to make fire!
At the time of writing this, the children are entertaining each other with songs and marshmallows around a campfire.
I'm a lttle worried for you, that they will become too used to a daily cooked breakfast and will be requesting this on their return. 
Day 4
The children are showing no signs of tiring yet, with Beach Adventures, Bushcraft and the 3G Swing on the agenda today. 
Tonight is Movie Night and then an early bedtime...(perhaps!!!!)
Tomorrow, apart from packing (particularly that lovely wet clothes parcel for you!) the children will be experiencing the 'Quick Zip' and Buggy building before their departure.