Look what we've been learning!

The Cat Rap!!

Take a look at what Simon's been up to!!
Prepare to be enchanted!

Amazing artwork from 'things you can find in your garden'!!
Florence's 'Piggies'!

Kestrel home Learning in May
Just look at the amazing glider that Jonny's been working on!
I asked you to do some PE....and what did I get?!

These ancient churches all have their origins in Anglo-Saxon times. They gave us a really big drawing challenge!!
You have simply GOT TO read Scarlett's awesome feature on the Anglo Saxons!!
Getting ready for VE Day!
Kestrel Class Home Learning in March and April
I hope you can open these two fabulous animations, by Elliot and Henry.

Take a read of Lottie and Scarlett's writing about the Christmas Truce in 1914. Fantastic work, girls!
Can anyone guess the mystery owner of this rather fantastic work station?
You've got to love our collage self-portraits!
He's an inspiration to us all!!

And so is he!!

Some of the children in Kestrel Class have made their own Home Learning Family Academy crests! 
You made your own versions of Van Gogh paintings!
Here's Jonny playing a spot of cricket in the garden.......HOWZATT!!
Autumn Term
Oh LOOK LOOK LOOK at our fabulous rainforest paintings!
In September, we had a visit from the Life Education Bus. We talked about healthy living, friends and making safe choices in life. We also met Harold the giraffe!
We keep getting a furry visitor to our room! (His owner is VERY pleased indeed to see him!)
We began our topic on Brazil with a flight to Rio!!
Are you ready to Samba?

Here we are with our model bridges, designed to make a new river crossing for Rio de Janeiro!
In November, Pedro came from Senzala Capoeira in Cambridge and taught about this incredible Brazilian martial art!
Here we are working on our rainforest paintings.
Spring Term
A fantastic SPACE DAY with the children in Wren Class in February!
We had a great 'experience' day at Melbourn Village College, where we did some science, drama, PE and Mandarin!
In these pictures, we are trying to explain how we have day and night....and seasons!
.....and then we headed over to the rec to demonstrate how all of the planets orbit the Sun!