Look what we've been learning! 2020-2021

What have we been
learning in Kite Class?
This year is going to be full of fun and laughter and I am excited to learn lots of new and exciting things. 
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Important dates to remember... 
12th April: Summer Term Begins 
Let's Celebrate! 
Head teacher's Award
Sports Award
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Our Classroom Layout 
Summer Term 
Autumn Term 
Africa Topic 
Bye Bye Africa! 
Today, we said goodbye to Africa and created our own portals to the North Pole.
African Landscape Art 
In this lesson, we created our own African sunset landscapes and stuck silhouettes of different African animals. 
We created news reports on how to save water 
Magic Topic 
Magic Potions
In Kite Class, we made magic potions, to link with our topic of magic and our book, Harry Potter. 
Magic wands
To finish off our topic of magic, we made magic wands inspired by our book, Harry Potter. These wands were used to transport us to Africa. 
Bonfire Night 
 We created a firework display using Pointillist Art. 
Our Anti-Bullying assembly
We all raised our hands to support anti-bullying. 
Our Friday Celebration Assembly 
Today, we have a visit from Santa’s reindeers. They even brought us along a gift. 
Santa Dash 
Decoration day
Halloween Science
In our Halloween Science lesson, we made a pumpkin sick and used balloons to make ghosts fly using static electricity. 

Halloween Art 
Happy Birthday in Makaton 

Roman Numerals 
Rounding in Maths 
In Maths, we became a human number line, helping us with our understanding of rounding numbers.