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Osprey Class
Welcome to the Osprey Class Page, we are the Year 3 class who like to combine working hard with having fun!
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Darcey's Frogs!
Rebbit, Rebbit, Rebbit!
Ashton has found some tadpoles and is keeping them safe while they grow into frogs. 


Some super Home Learning by Toby. He has made a Boudicca video with the help of his Mummy. Enjoy!

Boudicca Biographies
Some super writing by Osprey Class about Boudicca the Iceni Queen.
Musical Instruments
Some examples of the home-made musical instruments created by children in Osprey Class.

Famous Places
This week the children have been busy drawing, building and making Elizabeth Tower (Big Ben) and the Colosseum.
The Easter Story
Here are some of the Easter Stories and Videos Osprey Class have been making this week.

Mr Jones and the Giant Toilet Roll
Here are some of the super stories Osprey Class have been writing this week.
Obstacle Courses
Here are videos and pictures of some of the brilliant obstacle courses created this week. Other people created dances or taught their families a new skill instead.

How to make a paper flower...

Home Learning Support:
Home learning is now being sent to you via Google Classroom. Parents have been issued with a username and password over the half-term break.
For support with home learning and online resources, please visit our 'Home Learning Videos', 'Our Home Learning Site', or 'Signpost Home Learning Tasks' pages linked below, or email your class teacher.
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To find out the expectations for learning by the end of Year 3, look at our 'Learning expectations in Year 3' page above.
Home Learning from Previous Weeks
Have a look below for Home Learning from previous weeks.

Some super story writing...