Summer Sports News - Watch this space!

10th June 2022

The Meldreth Primary School Cricket Tournament.

On Wednesday afternoon eleven school pupils arrived at Foxton Cricket club on the cheerful, gleamy day. These particular pupils included in seven year sixes and four year fours. There were more than a dozen school teams from around Cambridgeshire competing in a cricket competition. The first team the Meldreth competitors played was Babraham, Meldreth started batting. It was a fairly down-the-middle delivery. The batter cracked a smacking six out the boundries, all the Meldreth players were soon to find it like that until the end of the over. The next pair of batters came on and the ball was played out of the bowler hands. The result of the second over was dominated by fours. The next overs bored all us out as it ended in lots of threes, fours and rarely sixes. Soon the rolls changed and the opposition scored by many no-balls but unfortunately couldn’t grasp a win and the loss went to Babraham. We all shook hands with the Babraham players and we cheered from both teams. Next the Meldreth team got their bags and moved to the next pitch.

After Meldreth’s close win they moved on to pitch B2 and we soon found out we were to play Foxton. Our team batted first again the first bowl came and just wide giving the advantage to the batter who ended giving us hauls and hauls of sixes endlessly. From running the other batter turned himself in. The ball came in wide gaining our team a no-ball which led us to a clean four, he went again this time a four and only just. This over came to an end came with a better result than the first over than last game with in doubt deserved a clap. The next of batters were on. Our teams over started with pretty much nothing then started taking it seriously and gained us a few fours. We came off with a decent over. The next pair came on and started just like the last pair with virtually nothing. Then scored two, three and a one then the ending of the over came, so we switched rolls for the second time and we became fielders. The ball came in and just missed the stumps. The batters faced all teams like that. Then came the end of the game after a few more overs with the same result as others, like two catches every over and a four every two. We found it was not at all a close match because we won as we cheered ourselves.
This last match meant it all to win. At the start we bowled the ball again laid off took a bounce and the match was official ‘cuck’ the ball smacked against the bat. A six we gazed upon their glory and are loss, our team new this was the challenge which nobody expected this match to go. Soon looking at their next batters to come on and in fear of their manly, fierce passion and possess. The next ball fired in wide and dipped into a no-ball. Then just tapped four ball after ball sixes covered are eyes in admitting defeat. Next batters came on for the Meldreth team, it felt like tomorrow would never come until our rolls switched. Our best pair of batters came on and everyone expected more sixes than to touch the sun is possible. But in the next ten balls the worst thing worst, and more embarrassing than a catch, for a year six our best batter stumped! And as Meldreth new the over had finished. The next pair came on earned a stunning little six and unfortunately this deserved a small thing dew to this game. This very stunning sad moment, ruined our streak but there was nothing left for Thriplow to do but celebrate and cheer in joy. And for us to try keep our heads high. After Meldreth’s disappointing loss, all team leaders who won their league went up to collect stickers and t-shirts for their team members. Everyone celebrated once again and then mini buses started arriving to pick up the schools to take them back.
Written by Rupert W Year 4

Quadkids Athletics

Yesterday, Edward, Cam, Sam, Fraser, Willem, Amelie, Daphne, Ellie, Annabelle & Nola in Year 5 took part in Quadkids Athletics.

The competition, at Wilberforce Road Sports Ground, is designed to give children the opportunity to participate in and enjoy athletics. It covers the core disciplines of running, throwing and jumping in a team format.

Teams are made up of 5 boys and 5 girls, with each athlete competing in all events. Individual performances are scored using a points table and the winners are the team with the highest cumulative points score. All our athletes took part in a 75m sprint, vortex howler throw, standing long jump and 600m run.

Take a look at how well tour athletes performed!

Swimming Season!
We are fortunate to have swimming facilities on the school site through the kind support of parents and our swimming pool supporting PTA, and also locally at Melbourn Village College. All our lessons are taught by your child’s class teacher in school or by Swimming Teachers' Association instructors at MVC.
The benefits of our swimming classes go far beyond fulfilling the National Curriculum criteria: they serve to keep children fit, give pupils the opportunity to succeed in a discipline outside the classroom environment, are fun, and most importantly, they teach children how to remain safe in the water.
In addition to learning a life skill, achievements are celebrated with certificates, which are awarded for completing set tasks in the water.