Kite Class Learning

Welcome to Kite Class! 

Here you will find photos and videos of our fantastic learning and the children's thoughts shared throughout the year.

We hope you will see us aspire...enjoy... achieve.  

Our Classroom
To see what Kite Class are learning this year, knowledge organisers are on the Kite Class Parent Page. 
Spring Term
Expedition to Antarctica
Today, we went on a journey to Antarctica for our new topic. We caught a plane and then had to trek over the dangerous ice caps to get there.  
Autumn Term
Melted Snowman Biscuits 
Victorian Day 
Halloween Science 
In Kite Class, we made a pimpkin throw up and made ghosts fly using static electricity. 
Victorian Toys
This week, we are learning all about Victorian toys. In this lesson, we compared Victorian toys to our own and wrote about our favourite toys on Purple Mash. 
Victorian Outfit Designs
In Kite Class, we learnt all about Victorian clothing and then designed our own Victorian outfits using our sewing and creative skills. 
What is division? 
What is multiplication?
Here comes the crops - Harvest Festival
Egg Experiment
In class, we have been looking at the Digestive System. 
Our focus, this week, has been on our teeth. We set up a fair test, to see which drinks were worst for your teeth, using eggs and why it's important to brush our teeth.
We found out water and milk were the best and squash and orange juice were the worst. 
Roman Numerals
Place Value Lesson