Kestrel Class Learning

Here you will find photos and videos of our fantastic learning and children's thoughts shared throughout the year.

We hope you will see us aspire...enjoy... achieve.

Topic Map and Resources
Please see below to find out more about what we will be learning this half term plus some additional support materials for you to share with your child.
Kestrel Class are Anglo Saxons at West Stow!
Kestrel Class embarked on an epic adventure to the sleepy Saxon village of West Stow where we discovered all about the archaeological remains of an ancient Saxon settlement! 
Kestrel Class Piano Concert!
As a class, we are privileged to have a number of talented pianists who performed to the rest of us in a fantastic morning concert!
Kestrel Class are Spanish Weather Reporters!
To conclude our Spanish topic of 'weather' this half term, the children had to present a weather report entirely in Spanish discussing different weather in different parts of Spain!
Kestrel Class are Amateur Actors!
To explore risk-taking in PSHE, Kestrel Class created and performed scenarios that demonstrated physical, social and emotional risks.
Kestrel Class are Art Historians!
As part of our topic work on the Mayans, Kestrel Class looked at traditional Mayan art and compared and contrasted it to art from other periods of history.
Kestrel Class Celebrate Christmas!
Kestrel Class had a lovely day wearing Christmas jumpers, eating Christmas dinner and completing a Christmas quiz!
Kestrel Class are Gymnasts!
During PE this term, Kestrel Class have been rehearsing gymnastic routines that involve matching, mirroring and canon.
Kestrel Class Get Musical!
Kestrel Class enjoyed rehearsing and performing a percussion track for the upcoming Christmas Carol Concert!
Kestrel Class Compete in a Debating Competition!
Kestrel Class enjoyed debating with each other on a variety of different motions linked to our topic book! We learnt how to use formal language, use points of information and make rebuttals to counterarguments.
Kestrel Class Complete a Zumbathon!
To raise money for our school swimming pool, Kestrel Class took part in a 30 minute Zumbathon that actually spilled into an 45 minute long dance party! 
Maths Measuring Workshop Part 2!
Kestrel Class now focused on practically measuring different capacities and mass using scales and measuring jugs.
Maths Measuring Workshop!
To consolidate our learning on measurements and distance, Kestrel Class were given numerous distances around the school to measure, including the length of the school field!
Kestrel Class JTAs Deliver an Assembly!
We were very proud of our 6 Year 5 Junior Travel Ambassadors who delivered a fantastic assembly promoting 'Bike to School Week'. They spoke clearly and confidently and handled questions from the captive audience very well! 
Open Air Theatre time with Kestrel Class!
To extend and consolidate our learning about Hinduism in RE, Kestrel Class performed several traditional religious stories based around some of the main Hindu deities.
Reading Buddies
I was really proud of how Kestrel Class buddied up with Swift Class and helped instil in them a love of reading! They took their role very seriously and were fantastic and engaging role models.
Nature Walk
Kestrel Class enjoyed an observational nature walk in preparation for their personification poems!
Knowledge Organisers
These are the knowledge organisers for Maths, RE, Science and our USA topic for the half term. Please try to look through these with your child, as this will benefit their learning and improve their confidence in these topics.
Recommended Book List
Please find attached a recommended book for Year 5 pupils. We have many of these books in school; others may be found on our online library system or in your local library.