Our Policies

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Any of these may be requested as paper copies free of charge from the school office.

Admissions Policy

We are committed to being welcoming and fully inclusive for all children and aim to respond appropriately to each child’s background and individual needs; working in partnership with parents and carers. We aim to establish relationships with parents and carers through settling in sessions where the sharing of information ensures we are able to meet the individual needs of each child.

Our aims are:

  • To meet the care, learning and development needs of all children.
  • To acknowledge that parents are their children’s first and most enduring educators and work in partnership with parents and other agencies in meeting individual children’s needs.
  • To gather necessary information about the child, family and agencies involved in the child’s care.
  • To treat all children fairly and encourage children to value and respect others, challenging inappropriate attitudes and practices, promoting positive images and role models wherever possible and celebrating diversity in all aspects of play and learning.
  • To ensure children’s self-esteem and well-being are monitored and supported.
  • To adapt our premises and facilities where possible to meet all children’s diverse
  • To ensure confidentiality at all times.
  • To provide information in clear, concise language, whether in spoken or written form.
  • To ensure that all parents are made aware of our company policies.
  • To not discriminate against a child or their family, or prevent entry to our setting, on the basis of colour, ethnicity, religion, disability or social background.
  • To take action against any discriminatory behaviour by staff or parents. Displaying of openly discriminatory and possibly offensive materials, name calling, or threatening behaviour are unacceptable on or around the premises and will be challenged.

Security Policy

We have taken a number of steps to ensure your child’s safety whilst at Preschool.

We have a locked door entry system at the main door.

All outdoor areas are securely fenced and gateways fitted with secure locks.

Prior to your child joining Preschool you will be requested to complete a ‘Collection of Child Authorisation Form’. This records details of persons other than parents/guardians whom you have authorised to collect your child from Preschool.

We also ask that as a parent you do not let any other person into the Preschool that you are not familiar with, even if you believe it to be another parent. This may appear rude but we feel that it is a necessary step to protect your child.

Safeguarding Policy

We are committed to the welfare and protection of all children in our care.

We achieve this by identifying emerging issues, intervening early and working in partnership with other agencies.

It is a function of the company to protect children from harm by ensuring that concerns about their safety are properly investigated.

As a childcare company we are fully aware of, and abide by, the local safeguarding children procedures in place in each area we operate.

We will work together with parents in following these guidelines.

All staff employed at Meldreth Preschool are fully vetted with a current enhanced DBS.

Behaviour Policy

We set high expectations through encouraging and praising appropriate behaviour. We believe children benefit most where adults adopt a consistent and positive approach to the management of their behaviour.

We ensure that all staff within a setting are clear of what is expected of each individual child in their care to ensure a consistency of approach. They are trained to set up positive environments, to be aware of causes of unwanted behaviour and to manage such situations when they occur.

We aim to establish clear boundaries according to the child’s level of understanding, encourage children to be aware of them of the settings, routines and procedures and ensure they know what is expected of them.

We aim to provide all children a secure, consistent and calm environment.

We share our behaviour policy with staff, parents and with the children in our care to ensure that all are aware what is expected from them.

Inclusion Policy

We aim to provide equal opportunities in a positive manner to ensure that all staff value and respect the different racial origins, religions, cultures and languages of the children in their care and their families/guardians.

Each child is valued as an individual without racial or gender stereotyping and is encouraged to develop positive attitudes to differences of race, culture, language and gender. The same applies to children with Early Support needs.

The equipment, activities and day to day management of the nursery are organised in such a way to reflect this policy.

We will seek to employ the most suitable candidate for any post.

Our commitment to implementing the company’s Inclusive Practice Policy will form part of the job description for all workers.

Any discriminatory remarks or behaviour within the preschool is unacceptable and will be challenged.

Charging Policy
Please respect our charging policy, as the fees charged for Preschool care reflect the safe and stimulating environment the setting provides for children. They also ensure the continued high standards and sustainability of the Preschool.